Why Are Gamers Turning to Online Gambling?

Until recently, video games and online gambling seemed like two distinct entities. Video games involve a high skill level and don’t usually require bets. Online gambling, meanwhile, does demand betting and may or may not require skill.

Today, though, many gamers are crossing over to online casino games. What has inspired gaming fans to put down their controllers and start placing online bets? Find out below as we cover why gamers like wagering online and the similarities between gaming and gambling.

Why is Online Gambling so Appealing to Gamers?
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PS5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch still have numerous fans. These consoles collectively serve as the backbone of a $180+ billion industry. However, online gambling has lured many gamers to mobile casinos, poker rooms, and sportsbooks.

According to Canadian research, 78.5% of video gamers gamble online at least once per year. Almost 34% of those who watch esports and play video games have engaged in esports betting, and 51% of those who’ve watched esports say that they engage in at least one form of online gambling per year.

The numbers indicate that many gamers enjoy betting on the side. As covered in the next section, likely reasons include the themed games, multiplayer setups, and bonuses.

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